Meet Dubsado - my digital virtual assistant

Imagine this: you get an inquiry from your dream client.  You want to reply right away and show your enthusiasm for working with them, but you are away from your desk or on a call with a client or maybe on a holiday.

But never fear, you have an assistant that will look after this for you. It will reply, send all the necessary information, set up a phone call if desired and put reminders in place for the potential client so that they won’t forget your scheduled appointment.-> Dubsado

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How to get your website to load quicker

As a Squarespace designer, the number one issue I see on client’s websites is slow loading web pages because full resolution images have been used on the website. Although it takes extra time and effort to properly prepare your images for your website, you will be rewarded with a faster loading site which will eliminate the number of people that leave your site due to slow loading times.

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How to add Related Posts in Squarespace automatically and manually

When someone has landed on a blog post on your website it is cause for celebration. All your hard work in generating website traffic has paid off. So don’t let them get to the end of your blog post and just leave!

Using a Related Posts type option at the end of your blog posts will encourage your visitors to explore other posts on your site that will likely be relevant and helpful to them as well.

In Squarespace there are 2 ways to add Related Posts. One way is manual and free and the other is automatic, but uses a paid plugin. I will review both methods here to show you the options.

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