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Jodi Neufeld Design studio: a top Squarespace website designer

Jodi Neufeld Design Studio

A boutique design studio that specializes in custom Squarespace web design for Creative Entrepreneurs that are beautiful and attract your dream clients


it can be overwhelming to take your vision and goals for your business and translate that into a website.
That’s where JODI NEUFELD DESIGN comeS in.

I combine the best strategies for web design with the goals of your website, sprinkled in with your branding and personality to create a Squarespace website that reflects your business and aligns with your vision and goals.


How I can help

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for creatives…


For those ready to move beyond the cookie cutter website and have a custom, intentionally designed website that reflects their business and converts readers to clients.

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Completely custom Squarespace websites for passionate business owners crafted to reflect your unique offerings

Jodi Neufeld Design - Website Restyle service to customize Squarespace websites
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Website Restyle

Just call me your “Squarespace stylist”. If you already have a Squarespace website or a purchased template and you need help taking it to the next level, this is the package for you.

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Squarespace Power Templates
(coming soon!)

The perfect hybrid between a completely custom site and a DIY site. These templates offer you design power without the use of graphics programs. Easy ways to layout and style you page that anyone can manage!

Squarespace power templates - the perfect hybrid between a custom site and a DIY site by Jodi Neufeld Design

for designers:

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Graphic Design Collaboration

I take your mockup or your idea and bring it to life on your client's site or do any smaller design changes that you are struggling to do.



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Your business is unique and one of a kind -

Your website should be too

Jodi Neufeld | Squarespace web designer

Hey! I'm Jodi ...

The designer behind the site - the one that wants to guide you through a process to create a dream unique Squarespace website that is as pain free as possible!