My Favorite Squarespace Plugins, Tools and Tutorial resources

“Plugins” on Squarespace are basically code snippets that you can install and modify on your own Squarespace site. These snippets increase functionality in displaying elements on a page and and allow you to do things to a Squarespace template that are not built into the base templates. Although they are called plugins by many people, they are different than Wordpress plugins.

I am covering my favorite tools and plugins for Squarespace here that I use regularly. Some of these are definitely more advanced or intricate implementations and others are easier. I have noted the level of use where appropriate.

Tools for Squarespace

Tools add the ability to do things in Squarespace that are not possible otherwise. The only tool I use for Squarespace is the Squarespace Website Tools Chrome Extension.

This tool helps to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks.

This is one tool that I would be LOST without. I use it all the time. Whenever I start a new custom website design I use so many of these features. 

This is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to:

  • Copy collections (ie index pages, galleries, blogs, events etc). You can even copy from one Squarespace website to a totally different one!

  • Save Content Presets. Content Presets are pages or groups of elements that you have designed and want to use over again. I use Content presets to create a Style Guide for my clients. This page has all the possible text blocks and images blocks on it so we can see at a glance how the overall styling on the site works. I install my content preset on each new clients site which saves me from having to design the page from scratch each time.

  • Globally Reset all fonts - this is the other thing I do for every new client build. There are so many different font settings in the style guide in Squarespace and it is so easy to overlook a block, especially if it is not in use when the site is made but is added later. Resetting the base font to one font across the whole site ensures that the brand base font is represented everywhere and nothing is overlooked.

  • Lazy summaries - allows you to bypass the restriction of 30 items in the summary block. You can control how many items show before a message appear to show more etc. 

  • I love the color swatches option as well. It shows all the current colors used on the site so you can quickly choose from one of the predefined colors

  • have an enhanced map function which is great for linking locations on a map to a blog post

There is also a cheaper version of this tool that mainly offers the function of helping to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks.You can find out more at

Good for: web designers


Squarespace Website Tools interactive map

difficulty level: moderate

Squarespace Website Tools interactive map

This interactive map tool allows you to display multiple locations on a map and customize your map markers. It uses your content from a blog, gallery or event collection.

In this example, I used it on a travel photographer’s website to display his blog posts based on the location of the photo shoot.


Squarespace Tools Universal Filter

difficulty level: advancdd (although you can get help installing it from the developer)

Universal Filter on a freelance writer website | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Another amazing plugin from Squarespace Websites is the Universal Filter. This filter allows so much more functionality than the basic Squarespace filtering options for blogs, products, galleries and events. You can have “fancy” drop downs for categories and tags, the ability to sort by price or title and and search option. Check out the link for some powerful examples.

I used the Universal Filter on this freelance writer’s website to achieve an interactive portfolio that could be sorted by type of project and niche. I also used the lazy loading feature in conjunction with this to bypass the 30 item limit imposed by Squarespace and to load gallery items bit by bit so that the website speed was not compromised.

You can find these plugins and more at Squarespace Websites Plugin Store

2. Sqspthemes Plugins

This is one of my favorite places to get my plugins for Squarespace from. Omari is SUPER helpful. I have had special requests and he is always quick to reply and either fix something or add functionality to a plugin I have already bought.

* Note this is an affiliate link, but I recommend these because I have bought some of them and have been impressed by the quality and service of them

Here are the specific ones I have used:


Sidebar plugin

difficulty level: moderate

sqspthemes sidebar plugin | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Since I use the Brine family templates for 99% of my web projects and it does not have a sidebar, I will use this plugin if a client requests a sidebar. This allows me to keep using the wonderful Brine template without having to sacrifice a sidebar or having to switch to another template family.

This works really well by creating a new unlinked page on your site that you put your sidebar content into, then by following the instructions you can specify some settings and put the code in the appropriate places and voila - the sidebar appears on your blog page. You can also specify which pages you want it to appear on so you could have it on your blog page, but not your blog posts etc.

Accordion Tabs Plugin 

difficulty level: moderate

Sqspthemes tab plugin | #squarespace webdesign by Jodi Neufeld Design

I have used this on multiple client sites. It allows you to have different tabs of information that appear on the same page. You use this by creating an index page and each section of the index page becomes a tab on the page you insert it on. It works really well and as long as I show clients where to update the information, it is very easy to use.


Lightbox Anything Plugin 

difficulty level: moderate

Lightbox anything on a portfolio for a wedding event planner | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Love, love this plugin! You can turn anything into a lightbox, meaning that when the user clicks it pops up in place on the current page as opposed to taking them to a new page. I have used it for email signup pages quite a bit, but also have used it for showing more items in a portfolio such as this example for a Wedding Event Planner.


Related posts Plugin

difficulty level: moderate

sqpspthemes related posts plugin | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace web designer

Showing related posts or products is a great way to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site and increase your favor with Google. Check out my article How to add related posts in Squarespace automatically and manually to read more about this plugin.


Square Design Guild

difficulty level: advanced

Meg Summerfield is a “Squarespace Guru”! I have soaked up so much of her knowledge over the last few years. I highly recommend her courses that come with video tutotrials and the code needed to achieve things that are otherwise not possible in Squarespace. Such a

Left Right Layout Design Mini Course

difficulty level: advanced

Square Design Guild half half layout course

This course was a game changer for me! It allows you to a few options to display images adjacent to any other blocks on Squarespace. She also includes mobile options to give you the most flexibility over your mobile design with this design option.


Full width footer

difficulty level: advanced

Squarespare Design Guild full width footer course | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

This is another bit of code that I use on every website I design! It allows your to style each of the footer sections on the Brine template differently and have them be full width if required. You can also achieve a full width instagram block in your footer using this code.


Thirty Eight Visuals

difficulty level: easy - moderate

Thirtyeight visuals testimonial plugin | web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Everything Beatriz puts out is top quality and so educational! Her website is loaded with blog posts that teach you how to do so many things on Squarespace and now she is offering plugins as well. You can find those here.

My favorite plugins she has for testimonial carousels. She has 3 different options and they are all so customizable. I could have spent time coding it myself, but it was so much easier to purchase the plugin and it was exactly what my client wanted.

Schwartz-Edmisten Web Design

difficulty level: moderate - advanced

Chris puts out high quality easy to understand blog posts and youtube tutorials regularly that get so much more out of Squarespace. He also has a shop with some plugins which you can find here.

Ghost Plugins

difficulty level: easy - moderate

Ghost Plugins is a fairly recent website with loads of free “plugins” for Squarespace. You can search by category as well to find a specific type of plugin. As a bonus, you can make an optional donation to a charity as well if desired.


Noughts and Ones

difficulty level: easy - moderate

Noughts and Ones has some very useful free plugins for form styling, navigation lines, countdown timers and more!

Well, that is a lot of places to find helpful plugins and tools for Squarespace! I hope it helps you find just the right option for your website! Leave a comment below if this post helped you or pin it for later :).

If you are wanting a tool without the hassle of installing it yourself I am available for hourly work on Squarespace via my Website Restyle service. You can find out more about that here:


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my favorite squarespace plugins by Jodi Neufeld Design
my favorite squarespace plugins | blog post by Jodi Neufeld Design
my favorite squarespace plugins | post by Jodi Neufeld Design