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My Favorite Squarespace Plugins, Tools and Tutorial resources

“Plugins” on Squarespace are basically code snippets that you can install and modify on your own Squarespace site. These snippets increase functionality in displaying elements on a page and and allow you to do things to a Squarespace template that are not built into the base templates. Although they are called plugins by many people, they are different than Wordpress plugins.

I am covering my favorite tools and plugins for Squarespace here that I use regularly. Some of these are definitely more advanced or intricate implementations and others are easier. I have noted the level of use where appropriate.

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Meet Dubsado - my digital virtual assistant

Imagine this: you get an inquiry from your dream client.  You want to reply right away and show your enthusiasm for working with them, but you are away from your desk or on a call with a client or maybe on a holiday.

But never fear, you have an assistant that will look after this for you. It will reply, send all the necessary information, set up a phone call if desired and put reminders in place for the potential client so that they won’t forget your scheduled appointment.-> Dubsado

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