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Brittney Rankin is a freelance content marketing writer specializing in health, wellness and personal development content. She covers topics which include fitness, nutrition, healthy cooking, stress management, sleep, cancer wellness, disease and injury prevention, mental health and goal-setting.

It was my pleasure to work with Brittney to create a completely custom Squarespace website that will support her business goals and growth for many years to come.

the problem

Brittney had set up a DIY Squarespace account and really grew to like Squarespace but was at the point where she needed to take her site to the next level. She was looking for a site that was professional and polished, and would establish her as an expert in her field.

Her main website goals:

  • Establish a strong brand and trust from readers/potential clients

  • Showcase her portfolio of writing samples and make it easy for potential clients to review her writing samples and contact her

  • Reach her dream clients by presenting a professional high end site that shows her personality and writing style and builds a connection

Brittney Storm Rankin Writing Home page | Squarespace web design by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #writerwebsite #webdesign #feminine
I am so glad I hired Jodi to design my website – working with her is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business. Jodi was so organized, thoughtful and detail-oriented throughout the whole web design process. She took the time to understand my brand and vision for the website, and what she created is even better than I imagined.

Not only is she a truly gifted designer, but she also provides outstanding customer service. I never worried that Jodi wouldn’t do what she said she would do – I completely trust her and am so glad I made the investment to work with her. Don’t hesitate to hire Jodi for your website design – she is fantastic.
— Brittney Rankin

the solution

To establish a high end brand Brittney invested in some gorgeous brand photography that captured her personality perfectly. A variety of shots were captured of her in her home and work environment.

Brittney also invested in custom branding that reflected her goals and mood for her business. We used those brand elements and colors throughout the website to show off her brand. The use of the gold and navy creates a high end feeling for her website visitors.

Brittney wrote some amazing copy for her website which not only captured what she does in a very easy to understand way, but it also helps her visitors connect with her.

All the design choices in the site were made to reflect a professional, high end site. There are many custom touches that were implemented with custom code to create a truly unique website for her.

Scrolling testimonials were incorporated throughout, as well as places Brittney’s work has been featured to establish the trust factor for Brittney.

Custom elements like the Interactive Portfolio page creates an easy to use website as well as one that shows off Brittney’s work easily.

Partial Portfolio page _ Brittney Storm Rankin Writing _ webdesign by Jodi Neufeld Design.jpg

Interactive Portfolio

The interactive portfolio with an index allows Brittney’s potential clients to easily check out her writing pieces by topic and navigate back to the index no matter what type of device they are on.

I absolutely love my new website! It’s exactly what I envisioned and even better. Jodi took all my ideas, inspiration and feedback, and made my website into something I’m proud to share with clients, family and friends.

I love how collaborative the whole process was and am especially happy with how the portfolio page turned out. I think we found a way to make dozens of links look appealing – not to mention easily searchable.
— Brittney Rankin

The web pages


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