Tami Faulkner Design - Interior Designer website redesign

Tami Faulkner is an interior and spatial designer in California. I was so thrilled to work with her on a complete website redesign for her Squarespace interior designer site! Not only is her work gorgeous, but she has the best images! It was like eye candy working on this redesign!

We looked at changing the message quite a bit on the site as well as a new layout, and making the site flow better. There was a focus on creating easy to find content and displaying it in a visually appealing way.


Home page

Tami Faulkner interior design website - Home page | Squarespace web design by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign #interiordesign
#squarespace website design for an interior design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Pretty Mobile Menu

The mobile menu even got a special touch with the design of a custom menu incorporating Tami’s beautiful hand drawn illustrations of her adorable studio.

custom mobile menu | by Squarespace web designer Jodi Neufeld Design

The Blog (Design Journal)

Tami uses the Design Journal as a way to share her beautiful work. Her images play a dominant role to showcase the projects she has worked on. We moved her blog over from another site to keep her content all together and maximize her traffic from Instagram.

We added a sidebar and a related posts feature and prettied up the blog extensively.

Blog page for an interior designer | website design by Jodi Neufeld Design

The redesigned web pages:

The About page:

Tami Faulkner interior designer About page | #webdesign by Jodi Neufeld Design #interiordesign #squarespace

The Design Journal (Blog)

Squarespace webdesign | Interior Designer blog page by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign #blog

Process page

Process page for Tami Faulkner interior designer by Jodi Neufeld Design | Squarespace web designer

The Work with Me page:

Work with me page for an interior designe#squarespace website design for an interior design by Jodi Neufeld Designr | #squarespace web design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Event the FAQ page is pretty!

FAQ page for an interior design website by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign

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