Hanna Bier Website Restyle

Hanna Bier is a Soulful Success Coach. She had an existing Squarespace website that she needed to take to the next level. She was looking for help to make it more professional, have a better layout and improving the fonts on the site. Her site already had good bones and since it only needed a refresher rather than a full redesign my Website Restyle service was the perfect services for her.

Hanna already had GORGEOUS photography (can’t recommend this enough for your website) and all her branding in place.

The first place we started was with the Home page. Her photography and well written copy was used to create a very clear and beautiful looking Home page.

I made the fonts consistent throughout and used colored background sections to highlight and differentiate sections.


Home page

Home page after:

Hanna Bier Home page | Squarespace website redesign by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign #redesign

Home page before:

Hanna Bier before and afterHanna Bier - home before.jpg

About page

The About page turned out beautifully as well! It was Hanna’s favorite page “My website looks so nice and clean :) SO much more professional! I especially love my About Me page.”

Hanna Bier About page | Squarespace web design by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign #redesign

About page before:

Hanna Bier before and afterHanna Bier - about before.jpg

Sales page

I also had the pleasure of designing a Sales page for Hanna. Here is the finished result:

Hanna Bier sales page design | Squarespace sales page design by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #salespage #webdesign
I am so happy I hired Jodi for my website redesign. I loved my brand, but needed more structure on my website and she did a great job! The communication was very quick and she implemented things quickly. I am so glad I hired her!
— Hanna Bier

The redesigned web pages:


Home page:

Hanna Bier Home page | coaching website | Squarespace website by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #webdesign #redesign

The gorgeous About page:

Hanna Bier About page | gorgeous About page design | Squarespace webdesign by Jodi Neufeld Design #squarespace #coaching #website #webdesign

The Sales Page:

Hanna Bier | The Unlimited Life | Squarespace sales page design by Jodi Neufeld Design

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