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Daria Salamon is a novelist, freelancer and travel writer. She has had a Squarespace website for quite a while - so long that she was on Squarespace 5. Her website was primarily a blog website that chronicled her travel adventures with her family.

Now Daria has two books, and bylines in publications like The Washington Post and Globe and Mail! She had outgrown her old blog type site and definitely needed one that could showcase her books and portfolio better as well as her speaking engagements

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From Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7

I set Daria up on one of the Brine family templates which has a grid option for blog posts. This makes it easy to page through her many posts that just show an excerpt as opposed to her old site which had the full blog post on display and involved loads of scrolling to find older posts.

I loved working with Jodi Neufeld Design. Jodi is able to implement a design that truly captures the spirit and personality of her clients. While she has incredible vision, I feel like she works with her clients in a collaborative way. I had many different tangents that I needed to highlight on my website and she was able to smoothly integrate them all. I am thrilled with my site. Beyond the creative side, Jodi has developed systems and processes that break down what, for me, was a daunting task (creating a site) into a series of logical steps; the process was very organized. She also provides tutorials and videos so that her clients are able to use their sites and its tools effectively in the future once the design process is complete. This is invaluable for me. This was an excellent experience for me and I am so happy with her work in creating a place for me to showcase my artistic practice.
— Daria Salamon

Contact page with Daria’s own typewriter

About page for a freelance writer | website design by Jodi Neufeld Design

About page with bio written by Daria’s daughter

Daria Salamon About page | freelance writer website design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Old Site blog:

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New Site blog:

Daria Salamon blog page | Squarespace web design by Jodi Neufeld Design
book page for Daria Salamon author | Squarespace website design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Book pages allow her visitors to find out what her books are about and where to purchase them along with any reviews.

Book page for Daria Salamon | writer website by Jodi Neufeld Design

Visitors can easily keep up to date on Upcoming Events and can book a speaking event with Daria…

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