Birth Prep Sales Page Design

Mandy is a childbirth educator and runs a popular blog at Momma Society. I had done some work for her on her site before and this time Mandy contacted me to create a sales page for her new online birth course called Birth Prep.

Birth Prep is a step-by-step online birth program that teaches modern moms & dads how to prepare for birth, manage discomforts during labor, avoid unnecessary interventions and kick ass during your first weeks of parenthood---all in one week.

I am blown away by Jodi’s ability to take a vision and create it into a beautiful, functional, and user friendly website. This was my second time working with Jodi and it was truly a pleasure. She is so professional, quick, and clear. I am very particular on things and Jodi always nails it. Looking forward to working with her again soon!
— Mandy Roberson

Creating Sales pages on Squarespace is such a pleasure with the use of Index pages. The template we used is part of the Brine family and it is so easy to customize. There are lots of customizations that I did to the page to create accordion drop downs (the text boxes which open and close) and lots of other custom details.

Birth Prep sales page | Squarespace design by Jodi Neufeld Design

Check out the live site to see it in action! 

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