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Graphic Designer collaboration

I work with Graphic Designers to implement their brand designs, website mockups or custom edits for their clients.

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Work with me


You Design - I implement

Brand board from Nikki at

Brand board from Nikki at

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You do the brand design and/or the mockup and leave the website implementation and coding to me. If you are a brand designer that doesn’t want to mess with website implementation and coding then this is the service for you.


I will work from your brand style guides or a complete mockup to implement a Squarespace website for your client. I will work directly with the client in the website phase in getting their feedback and guiding them through the process.

This package will also provide my standard training videos for the client that will be accessible via their website.

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Custom edits

Imagine not struggling with the custom code that takes you way too long to figure out. Hours of googling and unsuccessful attempts which chip away at your profit margins.

My expertise is in implementing custom CSS edits and I do some Javascript as well. Designers have hired me for a variety of tasks such as:

  • automatically scrolling testimonial blocks

  • pop up implementation

  • custom accordion blocks

and more…

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Have a client who is asking for edits outside of your scope of expertise? I can help with customizations on an hourly basis.

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I help my clients with branding and website design but I was wanting my client’s websites to really pop with some customizations that require code. After hours of fiddling with trying to make the tweeks on my own, I reached out to Jodi and felt completely relieved after doing so. Jodi was attentive, prompt and gave me extra information to help me further. I highly recommend her to any designer who wants to give their clients a site that is filled with details that are aligned with their brand!
— RuthAnn Rafiq,

Leave the implementation and coding to me

and free yourself up for the work you love