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Valerie Rind testimonial

Many website designers are imaginative and skillful at design and the use of technology. Jodi is no exception.

What really sets her apart is her commitment to customer service. She cheerfully responded to all my requests at warp speed and with infinite patience. The turn around time couldn't have been any faster yet quality was never sacrificed. Jodi was able to fix even the tiniest detail that I requested due to her advanced skills and ability to find a work-around.

The instructional videos she provided are particularly helpful because they're not a generic collection; she personalized them for my website.

If I ever need another website, I hope Jodi's waitlist for clients won't be too long!

Valerie Rind, www.valerierindcom

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Rebecca Brumfield testimonial

First off, I am upset that I cannot give Jodi more than 5 stars!  She deserves 10 at least!

I'm obsessed with Jodi's work. She turned my SquareSpace site from a botched elementary school job to a PhD work of art that I could NOT be more satisfied with. I am constantly referring her clients from my community since I know she ROCKS and I am 110% sure that my referrals will be just as pleased I was with her work.

I could not have asked for a more patient, more attentative, better web designer.

I even had her re-design my downloadable PDFs and connect them to my MailChimp account, making getting email leads a WHOLE lot easier!

Rebecca Brumfield,

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Hollie Flynn testimonial

When I finally made the leap to switch from Wordpress to Squarespace I knew I could build it myself, but I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO!  Thank goodness, I chose to work with Jodi. There are design elements on my site now, I never would have been aware of to do. And it would have taken me twice as long (who am I kidding, I still wouldn't have a site!) Jodi is extremely dependable, devoted, skilled!, and so patient! I felt like she cared about my site as much as I did. If you are looking for someone to design your Squarespace site, I'd highly recommend Jodi. You'll be in excellent hands!

Hollie Flynn,

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Anna Marisol testimonial

Jodi was quick to reply back and forth to emails and she explained anything I didn’t quite understand. She was able to customize my site in a way that I could not by doing some custom coding to create the look I wanted. I can be difficult to work with as I like things done in a particular way, but she explained everything she did and kept track of her time efficiently.

Anna Marisol,

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Anung Vilay testimonial

Jodi made the web design process so easy for me. She had every step laid out and told me what needed to be done at each step so it was not so overwhelming. She made my site look so professional and pretty which I was not able to do since I DO NOT have the knowledge or patience to work through all of that.

Anung Vilay,

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Terra Dawn testimonial

"There is no other way to put it...Jodi had my "digital back".  I became a Squarespace user because of the easy and beautiful designs I had at my fingertips...BUT, I wanted my designs to be unique! After working with Jodi, and in less than 24 hours, my website was EXACTLY what I wanted it to be. Jodi was amazingly easy to work with, asked the right questions, and (as expected) gave beautiful results.  I will be using her again for SO many other things!!" 

- Terra Dawn,

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Scott Madam testimonial

Jodi was friendly and confident in dealing with me. She made the process of designing my site easy to understand and she knew all the “ins and outs” and trends. I would happily recommend her services! She provided high quality results and easy to understand language in response to my questions.

Scott Madams,


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