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Theresa Vinson

"I was blessed to find Jodi at Jodi Neufeld Design.  She came very highly recommended and she did not disappoint.  Jodi was professional, responsive and patient throughout our collaboration.  I am not easy to please, it seems Jodi could sense when I was being indecisive, which only meant she was paying attention; her questions and focus on the end goal helped me push past  those moments.  I am beyond happy with my new website and recommend her without hesitation.”

Theresa Vinson,

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Tina Howard

"Working with Jodi was a dream. She makes this arduous process a lot easier. She is very clear upfront about how she works and she sticks to her deadlines, which in turn helps you stick to yours. I recommend purchasing the extra help with stock photos as this process is extremely daunting--she will help you along the way and will choose photos that are your style once she gets to know you. When making changes from things as big as a new layout, to as small as typos, you only have to ask her once. She adjusts the format and fixes the typos correctly the first time! Her ability to have great attention to detail and also have big picture design creativity is outstanding. She also does a great job on re-formatting your site for mobile apps--you don't have to pay extra for that."

Tina Howard LAC,

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Martin Pankratz

"Starting from scratch it was a bit of a challenge to come up with the right amount of substantial material and content to fill the site and have it all flow naturally. However, your guided interactive forms and development process made it all doable. I can’t imagine working through all that without that guidance. I am excited about my site and I’m already seeing a lot more I may want to do for “Release 2.0”!"

- Martin Pankratz,

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Lisa Gillispie

"Prior to working with Jodi, I had done all of the work to create my website. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't see the forest for the trees and I felt like I had created a monster of a website that made it difficult for people to find the information they were looking for. It was also lacking a cohesive design.

Working with Jodi was such a positive, professional experience. She was warm, communicated clearly, did exactly what she said she would do in the time she said she would do it, and she skillfully guided me through the different stages of our work together.

Jodi gave me suggestions for how to streamline things, showed me examples to give me ideas, and worked her magic. She also provided me with an incredibly helpful series of tutorial videos that walked me through how to make some updates on my own, like how to feature suggested blog posts at the end of each blog post. I really appreciate that she showed me how I could do some of the more tedious, but relatively simple, tasks on my own so we could make the most of our time and she could focus on other things that I don't have the skill set to do.

When my website facelift was complete, Jodi had created a cohesive design for my site and organized it in a way that helps visitors easily get the information they're looking for.

I highly recommend working with Jodi. In a world where finding quality people can be hit or miss, especially in the online world where people aren't always who they say they are, Jodi was a delight to work with. I now have a website I'm proud to send people to.

- Lisa Gillispie,

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Rachel Constable testimonial

Jodi was the perfect person to work with on my website. I came to her without much clarity around what I wanted and through a mixture of questioning and advising she created a look and feel that's just right for me. She's patient, responsive and extremely creative! Jodi is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Rachel Constable,

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Kendal Perez testimonial

Jodi was seriously wonderful to work with. The process was streamlined and easy. I have worked with others where I felt I needed to manage them and it was just a pain. I loved the flow of everything and had complete peace of mind. I now have a new site that I love and will increase sales for my business!

Kendal Perez,

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Jaime Fleres testimonial

Jodi was an absolute joy to work with and I would recommend her to any of my colleagues and friend's seeking incredible yet affordable web design.  I've worked with a handful of designers in my career and Jodi is by far the most organized, detailed, and skilled designer I have met. I SO appreciate how she works (she is so organized and has nailed down a process that makes the complex task of building a website feel like a breeze), I love how responsive she was to my feedback, and how delightful it was to work with her.  I get compliments on my website all the time!  I am so happy with my experience working with Jodi and with her design of my website.  Thank you Jodi, you're the best!

Jaime Fleres,

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Sue Skrabek testimonial

I knew I had gotten to a point in building my site where I just couldn't get it to where I wanted it and needed to get help.  Finding Jodi was the best thing I did. She was able to encorporate my ideas and make it better than I could have imagined. She is a great communicator and collaborator! She provided videos for me to train me on how to use my site which is awesome since I am a visual learner. I now have a site that looks professional, goes with the brand I am wanting to create, is great for Seo and is not just a template!! So many custom features! Love!! Love!! Love!!!

Sue Skrabek,

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