Theresa Vinson

"I was blessed to find Jodi at Jodi Neufeld Design.  She came very highly recommended and she did not disappoint.  Jodi was professional, responsive and patient throughout our collaboration.  I am not easy to please, it seems Jodi could sense when I was being indecisive, which only meant she was paying attention; her questions and focus on the end goal helped me push past  those moments.  I am beyond happy with my new website and recommend her without hesitation.”

Theresa Vinson,

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Sarah Bocinsky

“Let me tell you - she's worth every penny! Jodi exceeded my expectations of what we would do together to Improve my website and whenever I'm ready to have her make more changes she is readily available! ;)  If you already have an established website finished but are lost on the final touches and need some input or just need someone to do them for you she is the one to hire for sure!”

Sarah Bocinsky,

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Isabelle Russell

“I absolutely love all of the changes Jodi made to our website. I had a super positive experience working with her from start to finish! She was great on communication and even provided me with videos walking through the changes she made. The process was easy and turn around was quick!”

Isabelle Russell,

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Bryden Giving magazine

"Jodi completely knocked our project out of the park again. I previously worked with the superb Jodi for my website this past fall, which she did a spectacular job on. This time, I wanted to create a magazine of my photography to hand out to prospective clients at wedding fairs, and I knew Jodi's work would not disappoint (seriously, take a look at her PDF work). She not only made an impeccable magazine, but she also made it look like it's mine. It's totally within my brand and matches my website! She was receptive to my feedback, asked for my input, and was incredibly patient with me throughout the entire process. You will appreciate Jodi's significant talent for creative design and will make the design process as easy as possible for you. Hire her! JODI IS THE BEST!"

Bryden Giving Photographer

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Tina Howard

"Working with Jodi was a dream. She makes this arduous process a lot easier. She is very clear upfront about how she works and she sticks to her deadlines, which in turn helps you stick to yours. I recommend purchasing the extra help with stock photos as this process is extremely daunting--she will help you along the way and will choose photos that are your style once she gets to know you. When making changes from things as big as a new layout, to as small as typos, you only have to ask her once. She adjusts the format and fixes the typos correctly the first time! Her ability to have great attention to detail and also have big picture design creativity is outstanding. She also does a great job on re-formatting your site for mobile apps--you don't have to pay extra for that."

Tina Howard LAC,

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Neva Healer

Jodi is incredible to work with!  I gave her a few ideas and she ran with it creating an absolutely gorgeous site.  I did not have to make a single change!  I am not techy nor did I have much of a vision of what I wanted.  She made it all happen and I couldn't be more pleased.  I am so happy I made the decision to hand my website over to such a talented person.

- Neva Healer

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Michelle Vroom

"Jodi is an incredible designer with a creative eye and sharp attention to detail. I added on a lot to my project and she handled it with ease and professionalism. She redesigned my site in a matter of a week and was quick to make any changes I requested (sometimes turning them around in an hour or two). I highly recommend Jodi to anyone looking to revamp their Squarespace site."

- Michelle Vroom,

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Martin Pankratz

"Starting from scratch it was a bit of a challenge to come up with the right amount of substantial material and content to fill the site and have it all flow naturally. However, your guided interactive forms and development process made it all doable. I can’t imagine working through all that without that guidance. I am excited about my site and I’m already seeing a lot more I may want to do for “Release 2.0”!"

- Martin Pankratz,

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