Jen Sanders Photography

Jen is a photographer specializing in engagement, wedding, family and maternity and newborn photography. She had an existing Squarespace website that was not meeting her needs anymore and she was finding it hard to update. She came to me looking for help with a redesign of her site to make it more functional and to update the look of it.

She was using the Montauk template and was happy to stay on it. I implemented the use of photo galleries for her on her site so that it would be easy for her to upload pictures and change them out.

I used some custom CSS to create some interesting features like the colored background areas of text on the testimonials page. 

Other changes including text layout to make it easier to read and more interesting.

Home Page

Gallery Page

We changed the gallery pages to be a slideshow in order to showcase her beautiful photos in a large format.

Sample Investment Page

Raves (Testimonial Page)


If you are looking for help with a Squarespace website redesign contact me for a custom quote.