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Squarespace website for a Spa and wellness Coach

Rebecca Brumfield is a coach and advisor for spa and wellness business owners. Rebecca already had her colorful branding in place and was looking for a redesign of her Squarespace website as well as branded PDF's for her content upgrades on her site.

We added in a blog, a store for her coaching program as well as a membership option for Badass Bodyworkers.

She kept my “old site” live while she worked on the newer one, updating everything from the branding kit I sent her (which was designed by another designer... and some people will NOT work with your current brand and design. Jodi was very accommodating to what I already had as far as esthetic and color schemes, etc.)
Badass Bodyworkers About page
First off, I am upset that I cannot give Jodi more than 5 starts! WHY FACEBOOK?!?! She deserves 10 at least!

I contacted Jodi wanting a complete overhaul of my website, which I attempted to DIY myself on SquareSpace. It was an OK job on my end, and that’s giving it waaaaaay too much credit. I had just needed SOMETHING to get my started.
When we spoke on the phone during the consultation, she was warm, welcoming, and super attentive to my needs. I wasn’t QUITE sure what I wanted, but she gave me some great pointers and asked me about my top priorities and needs when it comes to my website.

Did I want a blog? Did I want eCommerce? Did I want SEO? Did I want downloadables? Do I have an affiliate page? Do I have a terms & privacy policy page? All kinds of questions I never even thought of myself!
Organizing all the info with her to access on GoogleDrive was effortless and super easy. I was able to make folders based upon what I needed on which page, and everything was SO EASY to access and send back and forth.

One thing I did not ask Jodi about was her working / biz hours. I know we are on a different time zone, but she has always been quick to respond to me within an hour or so. Any question I had - BOOM! She was there to answer it. Any in-depth questions I had about things like SEO, BOOM! She sent me the resources right away. If I had a lot of small changes at once, she made sure to call me and get those taken care of ASAP while we were on the phone updating as we spoke.
I’m obsessed with Jodi’s work. She turned my SquareSpace site from a botched elementary school job to a PhD work of art that I could NOT be more satisfied with. I am constantly referring her clients from my community since I know she ROCKS and I am 110% that my referrals will be just as pleased I was with her work.

I could not have asked for a more patient, more at tentative, better web designer.
Branded PDF's
I even had her re-design my downloadable PDFs and connect them to my MailChimp account, making getting email leads a WHOLE lot easier!

The Redesign Process

Original Home Page:


Redesigned Home Page:

Since the site was already in use and it was a major redesign I created a test site to make all the modifications to. This allowed us to design without worrying about impacting the live site. 

Once the design was approved I moved all the content over to the live site and created a temporary cover page to indicate the site was temporarily unavailable. Once everything was in place for the new store we made the site live!


Squarespace Cover Page

Squarespace cover pages give you the ability to create a beautiful one page landing page to display your text and graphics in a big bold way. I used that here as a "Coming Soon" page while the site was being finalized.


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