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The Problem

Tina Howard is a holistic health provider located in Encinitas, California. She wanted a site where patients could learn more about her unique services of Esoteric Acupuncture, Auto Accident Trauma Healing and Soulful Chinese Medicine.

Tina wanted to create a website that was completely authentic to how she practices Chinese Medicine. She rebranded herself as unique practitioner and wanted a site that really helped her to stand out from the competition.

The solution

Tina's physical business location is called Hummingbird Acupuncture and her branding capitalized on this. I took her existing branding and we created a strategic site to promote her services and let people book appointments. 

Tina's new site was created in Squarespace using the Brine template. We laid out a site that is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for easily and highlight Tina's services.

We created a truly unique services page to highlight her unique services. The long scrolling page has flatlay image graphics and the brand elements combine to create a soothing, fresh, healing inspired page. We even added in some animated effects to the hummingbirds to make them appear as they are floating.


I asked Tina: "What are some benefits of your new site?"

"I will be able to grow my business by being able to add e-commerce and new photos. I look forward to updating my website and adding more features as my business grows and I will absolutely use Jodi again! For now, I hope it will drive more clients into my business by providing a professional, updated and relevant website to potential clients."

I love my new website because I think it represents who I am at this stage in my business. And there’s still room to grow! It’s also not like any other Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s website which was my goal. It’s unique and stands out.
Working with Jodi was a dream. She makes this arduous process a lot easier. She is very clear upfront about how she works and she sticks to her deadlines, which in turn helps you stick to yours. When making changes from things as big as a new layout, to as small as typos, you only have to ask her once. She adjusts the format and fixes the typos correctly the first time! Her ability to have great attention to detail and also have big picture design creativity is outstanding. She also does a great job on re-formatting your site for mobile apps.
— Tina Howard
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