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The Problem

Jaime had an established business but was transitioning to a new chapter of her professional life, where she was going to focus more on writing, and her author career and wanted a new website to reflect this. She was also needing assistance with some custom PDF designs.

The solution

The site was designed with the main focus being Jaime's new book. Her lead magnet was prominently displayed below the banner image to encourage people to download a preview of the book. 

As Jaime has a lot of pages she wanted featured, I used the secondary navigation option on the Brine template to separate the navigation from the logo area and make it full width. By adding a blue textured background to it we were able to make it stand out visually as well.

I made use of Jaime's brand colors which were already in place and used bold typography to create a bold, appealing site.

In addition to the website, I created some custom PDF's which reflected Jaime's brand.

I loved your PROCESS, and I so appreciate how you’ve taken the time to build a useful system (I’m sure that took a lot of work and experience!). WOW what a difference that made!
— Jaime Fleres
Jodi was an absolute joy to work with and I would recommend her to any of my colleagues and friend’s seeking incredible yet affordable web design. I’ve worked with a handful of designers in my career and Jodi is by far the most organized, detailed, and skilled designer I have met. I SO appreciate how she works (she is so organized and has nailed down a process that makes the complex task of building a website feel like a breeze), I love how responsive she was to my feedback, and how delightful it was to work with her. I get compliments on my website all the time! I am so happy with my experience working with Jodi and with her design of my website

— Jaime Fleres

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