When we were undertaking a renovation and complete redesign of the main floor of our house I spent hours and hours and hours researching and planning. We fluctuated on the end design for 7 years! (Bad decision makers!)

During the process I decided to come up with my own designs. I got some software and laid out my dream kitchen taking into account things such as storage, work flow and design elements I wanted. When we finally decided on a plan I went into the kitchen design business we went with and I presented my plan. The designer there just tweaked a couple of things, but we ended up using my plan. 

It was through this process that I discovered how much I love the blend of functional design and making things look pretty at the same time. There is so much overlap with design of any kind. You decide on flow and usability. Does it function well? Is it easy to use? Is there a good traffic flow? What are your focal elements? Where do you want the eye to go?

These are all things that I now do when I design websites for my clients (and it is much easier to move things around digitally!). Who knew that a home renovation would spur on a new career for me?



My Services


Web Design

I offer custom Web Design on the Squarespace platform as well as Squarespace customizations. All sites are:

  • mobile ready
  • a pleasure to use
  • easy to update